Dhikala is a popular area within Jim Corbett National Park in India, known for its rich biodiversity and wildlife. The Dhikala bus safari is one of the ways visitors can explore the park and witness its diverse flora and fauna. Here are some key points about the Dhikala bus safari:

Dhikala Bus/Canter Safari Price, Timings & Tariff.

Price (Indian) Rs. 2400/- Per Person 16 Seats in One Canter
Price (Foreigner) Rs. 4200/- Per Person 16 Seats in One Canter
Safari Zone Dhikala Boarding from – Ramnagar
Safari Time Morning (6:00 Am to 11:30 Am) Evening (12:00 to 5:30 pm)

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the heart of the Jim Corbett National Park through the exhilarating Canter Safari in the Dhikala Zone. Situated on the fringes of the Patli Dun Valley, the Dhikala Zone is renowned for its diverse wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and thrilling safari experiences. Let's delve deeper into why Canter Safari in Dhikala Zone is a must-do adventure for every nature enthusiast:

1. Explore the Untamed Wilderness:

The Canter Safari offers a unique opportunity to explore the untamed wilderness of Dhikala Zone. Led by experienced naturalists and guides, the open-air safari vehicle allows for uninterrupted views of the park's diverse flora and fauna.

2. Abundant Wildlife Sightings:

The Dhikala Zone is teeming with wildlife, making it a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. From the regal Bengal tigers to spotted deer, elephants, wild boars, and even elusive leopards, the zone offers a chance to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

3. Ideal for Group Travelers:

The Canter Safari is an excellent option for group travelers who want to enjoy the safari experience together. Accommodating up to 16 individuals, the Canter allows friends and families to bond over their shared love for wildlife and adventure.

4. Morning and Afternoon Safaris:

The Dhikala Canter Safari offers both morning and afternoon safari options. The morning safari is perfect for witnessing the park come alive with the first rays of sunlight, while the afternoon safari allows you to witness the park's activities in a different light.

5. Birdwatchers' Paradise:

For birdwatchers, the Dhikala Zone is a haven with its diverse avian population. The Canter Safari presents opportunities to spot numerous bird species, including the crested serpent eagle, Himalayan griffon, and colorful kingfishers.

6. Breath-taking Landscapes:

The Dhikala Zone is known for its breathtaking landscapes that include dense forests, riverbeds, and vast grasslands. The Canter Safari takes you through these varied terrains, offering picturesque views at every turn.

7. Corbett Museum and Dhikala Watchtower:

The Canter Safari includes visits to the Corbett Museum and the Dhikala Watchtower. The museum is a treasure trove of information about Jim Corbett's life and work, while the watchtower provides panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness.

8. Serenity by the Ramganga River:

During the safari, you'll have a chance to pause by the Ramganga River, where you can embrace moments of serenity while listening to the soothing sounds of flowing water.

9. Wildlife Photography Opportunities:

The Canter Safari allows wildlife photography enthusiasts to capture stunning moments of the park's inhabitants and the breathtaking landscapes. Be ready to click your way to unforgettable memories.

10. Conservation and Awareness:

During the safari, you'll also learn about the conservation efforts in the Dhikala Zone and the importance of protecting the fragile ecosystem.

Tips for a Memorable Safari:

Dress appropriately: Wear comfortable and neutral-colored clothing to blend in with the surroundings and carry essential items like hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Respect the Wildlife: Maintain a safe distance from the animals and avoid any actions that may disturb them. Always follow the instructions of your guide.

Book in Advance: Due to high demand, it's advisable to book your Canter Safari in the Dhikala Zone well in advance to secure your spot.

Follow Safety Guidelines: Abide by the safety guidelines and regulations set by the park authorities to ensure a safe and enjoyable safari experience.

Conclusion: The Canter Safari in Dhikala Zone is an awe-inspiring adventure that promises an up-close encounter with the mesmerizing wildlife and spellbinding landscapes of Jim Corbett National Park. So, gear up for an unforgettable journey into the untamed wilderness and let the Dhikala Canter Safari leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul.